Vehicle Information Service

The Vehicle Information service includes lots of useful information and tools to help keep you up to date and organised with all your vehicle needs. Available for up to 5 vehicles.


Check Status

  • To avoid fines of up to £1000, you can check your current tax status

Reminder Messages

  • Receive reminder messages so you never miss your tax expiration date


Check Status

  • View the current status and expiration date of your vehicle's MOT

View History

  • View detailed reports about past MOT tests results for your vehicle(s)

Reminder Messages

  • Receive reminder messages so you never miss your MOT expiration date

Vehicle Details

View the full list of detailed information about the vehicle, including: make, model, colour, date of registration, year of manufacture, engine size, CO2 emissions, fuel type, wheel plan, tyre size and more.

Reminder Messages

Receive reminder messages for Tax and MOT expiration dates so you can stay organised and avoid hefty fines. You can also add reminder messages for service dates, parking permits and car insurance expiry.

Multiple Vehicles

Have up to 5 vehicles listed within your account at any time. You can add/remove vehicles whenever you want, and there is no limit to how often you change the vehicles within your account. However, you will only receive reminder messages for the vehicles currently saved in your account (e.g. removed vehicles are deleted from your account, so you won't receive any reminders regarding their MOT and tax details etc. after they have been removed).


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